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Africa Caught in the Fossil Trap

Africa Caught in the Fossil Trap

Before the rise of fossil resources extraction in Africa, most countries operated agrarian economies as their primary source of exchange. Other economies depended on mining while some others had a mix of mining and agriculture. The economic impact of oil discovery...

Demanding Real Zero Not Net Zero

Demanding Real Zero Not Net Zero

Declaration from Oilwatch International Global Gathering Oilwatch International network members, community representatives from oil regions, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), community-based organizations (CBOs), the academia and the media met in Port Harcourt,...

Oilwatch Global Gathering

Oilwatch Global Gathering

Announcing Oilwatch Global Gathering Over the years the UNFCCC’s Conference of Parties (COP) has been a gathering of government officials and stakeholders have been presented forums for discussing ways to foster a new course that would reduce the negative impacts of...

Oilwatch Africa Coordinator – Job Opening

Oilwatch Africa Coordinator – Job Opening

Oilwatch Africa (OWA) seeks the services of a Coordinator, in order to efficiently meet its objective of building solidarity, supporting resistance and promoting a common identity in the peoples of the global south who seek to stop the expansion of fossil fuel...

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