Grants to support grassroots groups and movements working on projects aligned with Oilwatch principles and focused on addressing the issues of fossil fuels impacts, Building new resistance campaigns against extractive activities, Advocacy campaigns, building resistance against fossil fuel extractive activities, Climate /environmental Justice,  creating climate Justice awareness and alternative energy campaigns; promoting energy sovereignty, and a just transition, and/or fighting false solutions.

The Global Greengrants Fund (GGF) is a fund that supports grassroots groups worldwide working on issues related to environmental/social justice and sustainability. Oilwatch is a Global Advisor to GGF, and as such, Oilwatch recommends proposals to GGF for funding. Through its GGF grant funding, we aim to support Oilwatch’s core struggles by transferring resources to communities and community/local organizations to aid the righting of wrongs and the protection of their environment and fight against climate change.

Who can receive these funds?

The funds are open exclusively to environmental justice and community groups


This call is open to all members and partners of Oilwatch that are active and fully believe in the objectives of the network.

What are the funds for?

This call is for projects that support work in fossil fuels divestment, building new resistance campaigns against destructive extractive activities; advocacy dialogues; Climate /environmental Justice Campaigns.

Proposal Requirements and Evaluation Criteria

The grants will be highly competitive and the best proposals that meet Oilwatch criteria will be funded by the Global Green Grants Fund (GGF).  Please note that all disbursement of funds for all those eligible for the funds will be done by GGF directly but all other processes will be facilitated by Oilwatch. 

Overall, successful proposals must:

  • Delineate an effective and cost-efficient set of activities with measurable outcomes responding to clearly identified needs of impacted communities or territories.
  • Incorporate elements of some (not necessarily all) Oilwatch priority cross-cutting themes of building resilience groups, halting all forms of fossil fuels extractive activities, promoting/ supporting all forms of alternative/renewable energy sources, building environment, and climate justice inclined groups/communities.
  • Response to emergency situations driven by fossil fuels exploration/exploitation activities and climate change.
  • In addition, proposals should be evidence-based, taking into account lessons learned from relevant past experiences, and demonstrating implementation capacity and readiness.
Proposal Template

The Proposal Template should be organized into sections and will be scored based on the Proposal sections and their respective ratings as decided by the review team.

Sections Content:         
  • Section 1: Basic Data
  • Section 2: Project Description 
  • Section 3: Context and Policy Environment for the Proposed Project  
  • Section 4: Project Implementation, Sustainability, and Budget 
Maiden Grants

For this inaugural granting round, proposals should be collected by regional hubs and sent to the Oilwatch coordinating desk no later than Friday, April 29, 2022. Please put ‘GGF application’ in the subject line.

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