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The Sky’s Limit Africa

The Sky’s Limit Africa

The Case for a Just Energy Transition from Fossil Fuel Production in Africa Transitioning in a fair way requires local decision making and consultation to allow communities to determine how energy transition should look in their regions. However, some board principles...

The war against environmentalism

Ejolt By Joan Martinez Alier. The Hindutva nationalist right-wing prime minister Modi in India is rallying against Environmental Justice Organisations (EJOs) financed by foreign money. High on his list are EJOs from Scandinavian countries or Germany, which are...

Yasunizing the World (2)

Triplecrisis.com Joan Martinez Alier, Guest Blogger In May 2013, the international press has become alive to the fact thatthere is a lot of unburnable fossil fuels. "Unburnable" carbon hasbecome a buzz word in The Economist and in The New York Times. If theoil, gas...

Yasunizing the world?

THE AFRICA REPORT When Svante Arrhenius, a Swedish chemist and Nobel laureate, published the first articles on climate change in 1896, the carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere was 300 parts per million (ppm). It is now reaching 400 ppm and rising 2 ppm per...

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