Announcing Oilwatch Global Gathering

Over the years the UNFCCC’s Conference of Parties (COP) has been a gathering of government officials and stakeholders have been presented forums for discussing ways to foster a new course that would reduce the negative impacts of climate change. Unfortunately, big polluters, the perpetrators of GHG emissions globally continue to wield untoward influence on the talks as evidenced in the new mantra of Net Zero, a suite of algorithms and technologies, which now seems to be leading the discussions, rather than real climate actions. This false logic will permit polluters to continue polluting and lock in extractive and other obnoxious activities and powering the tottering petroleum civilization.

Oilwatch International believes there must be a shift in the climate discourse and is hosting a global gathering to project real climate solutions and demystify notions such as Net Zero Emissions at a time the world requires Real Zero Emissions as the way out of calamitous weather events.

The gathering will be a hybrid event with people attending physically in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, while others will join remotely from their various locations.

Theme of the global gathering:

“Demanding Real Zero, Not Net Zero”

Date: 19 – 21 October 2021

Time: 12:00pm CAT each day.

Register here to be part of this gathering:

It is time for real climate action! #AnnexZero #KeepTheFossilsInTheGround

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