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Oilwatch Africa Coordinator – Job Opening

Oilwatch Africa Coordinator – Job Opening

Oilwatch Africa (OWA) seeks the services of a Coordinator, in order to efficiently meet its objective of building solidarity, supporting resistance and promoting a common identity in the peoples of the global south who seek to stop the expansion of fossil fuel...

Letter to the MEPS

Monday, 1st July 2013 To: Members of the European Parliament Brussels Dear Member of the European Parliament What MEPs should be debating instead of backloading As you prepare to vote again on the proposal to backload 900 million permits from the EU ETS, 42...

Dead whale tales and other horrors

Telegraphng Photos and news reports of dead whales washing up on the shores of Ghana in recent weeks raise very serious worries about the state of the marine environment there. If it were a question of one or two whales washing up, perhaps there would be no cause for...

Yasunizing the World (2)

Triplecrisis.com Joan Martinez Alier, Guest Blogger In May 2013, the international press has become alive to the fact thatthere is a lot of unburnable fossil fuels. "Unburnable" carbon hasbecome a buzz word in The Economist and in The New York Times. If theoil, gas...

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