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Saving indigenous peoples and nature in Ecuador
YASunidos, a youth movement, gathered 750,000 signatures to support the proposal of leaving oil underground in Ecuador’s National Park Yasuni.

Youth in Protection of Biodiversity and Indigenous Peoples
They want to protect one of the most biodiverse areas in the world that is also the home of indigenous peoples living in voluntary isolation along the banks of the Yasuni River.

For this purpose, they strive to stop oil exploitation in the area, avoid oil contamination, contribute to stop climate change and save the indigenous people. Their activities have led to 60% of the population of Ecuador being opposed to the oil extraction. Nevertheless, the government continues to push through with its plans and tries to criminalize the youth movement.

Grassroots Democracy
YASunidos is one of the most organized youth groups in Ecuador. In spite of the mockery, persecution, threats and insults from the authorities they continue their battle to defend Yasuni and its people against oil activities.

For the first time in Ecuador, YASunidos put effectively Amazon’s defense and the need of a popular consultation to decide Ecuador’s destiny on the front pages of the news and other media. YASunidos are working to build new ways of democracy, defending the rights of indigenous people and nature, supporting local communities impacted by oil companies and building alliances with the popular ecologists’ movements.

By gathering 750.000 signatures, they opened a national debate on what future does Ecuador want, not as a vertical decision but as a communal process, building democracy from the bottom up.

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