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Fluye el petróleo, sangra la selva

-Graffiti en Quito - Ecuador

Keep the oil in the soil and the coal in the hole

-Conference of Polluters - COP17 - Durban 2011



Poison Fire

Shell's activities in Nigeria.

The movie was produced by Lars Johansson, a Swedisch film maker, for Friends of the Earth International.
You can find it at: http://poisonfire.org/

Blind to a spill

Blind to a spill.
Environmental rights action Nigeria.
Duration: 22 minutes

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OCP: pollution, corruption and poverty

OCP: Oleoducto de crudo pesado
Pollution, Corruption and Poverty.

Duration: 33 minutes
Language: English , also available in Spanish, Bahasa
(Macromedia flash player 8.0 required.)

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